Since 1991 our work has focused on organizing and developing work teams.
We work to achieve excellence in people’s management, for people and with people.

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In 1991 Aina Colom decided to take a leave of absence in the administration, where she worked as a teacher and, start a solo project.

Ciac Training in Human Resources is born, providing training in the human resources field to companies.


In 1992 Ciac opened a new line of Public Services Management and began a process of expansion.


Over the years we have been growing and evolving.
Always accompanied by great professionals from the world of education, culture and dynamization.


With the spirit of experimenting with new ways of undertaking, in September 2018 the Son Vic Vell project began to take shape.

That family possession to which we have dedicated the efforts of thirty years inspires us.

It has meant a profound transformation in the work methodology.

It has taken a lot of work and effort, including moments of doubt in the face of so many changes.

But the old possession has made us young and has given us a regenerating illusion.


At this time, we confront the pandemic as an opportunity to reflect and strengthen the foundations.

We currently maintain two business lines:


 We manage work spaces and teams
to satisfy people’s socio-cultural,
educational and leisure needs.


We train to improve
the quality of work with people.


We work with love.
We are characterized by the humane treatment that is close and disciplined.

The happy faces of the participants are our satisfaction.

We strive to maintain quality and professionalism in the smallest details, to positively surprise the customer.

We are practical.
We are passionate about the simplicity and efficiency of our proposals.

Contact us and tell us your needs.