· worship friendship ·

A private space where the amateur chef displays his culinary knowledge to make the meeting a feast, accompanied by an informal gathering.
A refuge where you can enjoy and talk freely.
A meeting that begins with the preparations, where the whole process is shared and is part of the party.
If you don’t want to cook, you can order it or bring it done.
It is ultimately that meeting space that we do not have in the apartments and that provides us with a moment of meeting and worship of friendship.

Available spaces

The owner’s old kitchen will be the main space, with the area of the stove, the poaching room and the dining area.
In addition, all the spaces will be available, in exclusive use during the time of your stay.

The rooms and interior furniture allow the use for up to 25 people.
The contracted day will be available plus the previous time necessary to arrange the space according to the interests of the group.
Support resources
It is available all the necessary equipment to cook for 25 people, utensils for the same number of people and it also has a wood oven.
You can complete it with:
A guided tour of the possession. An activity planned by yourself.